The Truth Chronicles

Author art for the back covers of The Truth Chronicles.

What if you could travel back in time and witness events that run contrary to modern scientific thought? When confronted with events that challenge your thinking, how would you respond? Four teens, each dealing with various ideas and struggles, must answer these questions as they embark on a journey wilder than anything they could have imagined.

Jax is a young man angry with God over the death of his father. Can he learn to accept God’s grace and let go of his bitter feelings?

Isaiah (Izzy) is a practical-minded person. Will he accept what his eyes see over what he’s been taught all his life?

Micky is a young woman with terrible secrets from her past. Even if God is real, could He really be a loving God to allow her to go through the things she has endured?

JT is a faithful Christian, eager to serve God, and believing the Bible for what it says. Will her faith come crashing down around her?

Exciting stories with a strong biblical emphasis will delight and encourage young believers in their faith and give them answers to questions they are asking about the origins of the world and the existence of evil. Volumes One through Five are available now, Volume Six is coming soon. Pick up a copy today! You can read reviews and even order books through the Amazon links below, or you can contact me at to order from me directly. I sell the books for $20/trilogy and $3.00 for shipping. Order all six books from me now, you’ll only pay $43 and I will ship Volume Six for free as soon as it becomes available!

What people are saying about The Truth Chronicles:

“Rather than compromising biblical history, this story confirms the facts recorded in the Bible and helps the reader understand the Biblical worldview. Dinosaurs, time machines, international ingrigue and the Bible: that is the mix you will enjoy in The Truth Chronicles.” ~ Roger Patterson, author of Evolution Exposed

“In The Truth Chronicles the friendship of four teens survives time travel, life-changing danger and challenges of worldview-shaking proportions. More than just a clever tale, this futuristic glimpse of the past puts readers in touch with present-day reality.” ~ Bill Jack, Worldview Academy

The Truth Chronicles are an awesome way to teach young people how to answer many of the most-asked questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. The book you are holding is exciting, fun, clever, challenging, and very cool.” ~ Nick Daniels, author of The Gentlemen’s Conspiracy

“I loved the way biblical truths are placed throughout this great page-turner that keeps you wondering what will happen next. Experience the trials, frustrations, and successes as the story unfolds. The authors have done and excellent job. Be sure to read The Thief!” ~ Buddy Davis, singer, songwriter, adventurer, dinosaur sculptor

“Most science fiction books are saturated with evolution. The Truth Chronicles is a refreshing alternative, giving readers the biblical perspective on history by taking them on a captivating adventure through time.” ~ Dr. Jason Lisle, Institute for Creation Research


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