The Christian Author – Excellence in Writing: What to do With Your Ideas

Every story starts with an idea. Sometimes it takes effort to put an idea together. Other ideas seem to pop into place more or less fully formed. My ideas often come to me at inconvenient times (i.e., middle of the night, in the shower, when I’m busy at work), and it can be a struggle to get the minimum necessary information written down somewhere so I can go back to the idea later. But this post isn’t so much about how to foster ideas or jumpstart your creativity if you’re going through a dry spell. What I’m after is the “should”. “Should I pursue this idea?” While my own personal standards will undoubtedly be reflected in this post, I don’t want to approach this topic in a legalistic fashion. If I can’t conclusively prove from Scripture that my standard is the biblical requirement, it’s okay for you to have a … Keep reading!

New Series: The Christian Author – Excellence in Writing

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Christian fiction”? One image that comes immediately to my mind is “Amish romance novels”. I think that’s kinda sad, considering that I co-authored a series of six Christian fiction books with my friend, Tim Chaffey. Other thoughts that filter through my mind are “low-quality”, “cliché”, and “childish”. Sadly, the advent of self-publishing has not, in my experience, done much to change my mind. It seems that everyone wants to be a writer (hey, so do I!), but I have seen numerous books come through that were poorly planned, poorly edited, and downright poorly written. I am working through a book right now that I hope to finish soon so I can properly review it, and without wanting to bash the author, it seems that this book was put to press before sufficient drafting and editing had taken place. I hate … Keep reading!

The most important things…

Everyone has priorities, and the things we accomplish reflect those priorities. There are lots of things I would like to do. Now that we have a house with basement and garage space, I would like to be able to do some woodworking, be it carving, making furniture, or other general puttering around. I would also like to finally learn how to play more on the guitar than three or four chords and be able to actually accompany other musicians. I have for years wanted to learn how to read and even speak biblical Greek. And, of course, I want to be a published author. These things are in addition to many other hobbies and interests I would be glad to pursue, but I can’t do everything, at least, not if I want to do any of these things well. I am also easily distracted. It’s not difficult at all for … Keep reading!