Book Review: Spirit-Empowered Theology

Title: Spirit-Empowered Theology Author: Charles Carrin, D.D. Publisher: Chosen Books (February 28, 2017) Language: English Formats: Paperback, Kindle Pages: 352 What we find in Spirit-Empowered Theology is a brief systematic theology. Divided into 18 sections and addressing 300 questions, Carrin provides 1-5 paragraph answers that may leave the reader with more questions than answers, or at least a level of dissatisfaction, especially if the reader is already at this level of theological understanding. There are also no footnotes, though it is obvious that a fair bit of quoting was done throughout the text, which is aggravating for the more academically-minded individual. As the church at large seems to largely ignore the Holy Spirit, bringing Him up almost as an afterthought, a work bringing the Spirit more into focus is a welcome idea. However, Carrin’s Pentacostal/Charismatic leanings are of concern to me. He is obviously not a cessationist, referring to such … Keep reading!