Unexpected circumstances, broken hearts…

Title: Though My Heart Is Torn: The Cadence of Grace, Book 2 Author: Joanne Bischof Publisher: Multnomah Books; Original edition 4/2/13 Pages: 352 Language: English Summary: (from Amazon) Gideon O’Riley has two wives—but he doesn’t know it. Settling into a simple life in the majestic Blue Ridge mountains, Lonnie and Gideon O’Riley have finally found happiness after the rocky start to their marriage. The roguish bluegrass musician has fallen in love with his gentle wife and the God she serves, and Lonnie rests secure in his tenderness for her and their young son. A heartless ruse interupts their peace, bringing them back to Rocky Knob—and forces them to face the claims of Cassie Allan, a woman who says she is Gideon’s rightful wife. As Gideon wades into the depths of his past choices, Lonnie is stunned by the revelations. She has no choice but to navigate this new path, knowing that surviving the devastating blow will take … Keep reading!

Heart of Gold

Title: Heart of Gold Author: Robin Lee Hatcher Publisher: Thomas Nelson; Original edition 2/14/12 Pages: 304 Language: English Summary: Shannon Adair moves from her home in Virginia because her minister father has been called to pastor a church in Grand Coeur, Idaho, a gold rush town full of rough people entirely dissimilar from the proper society she has known all her life. Instantly taking a dislike to her new situation, she wonders what it will take to convince her father to move back to Virginia. Matthew Dubois is a stagecoach driver for Wells Fargo and is good at his job. But when he finds out his widowed sister, Alice–whom he hasn’t seen in many years–is sick, he gives up the reins for a few months to work in the branch office of Grand Coeur so she can regain her strength. Alice is not alone, bringing her nine-year-old son, Todd. When … Keep reading!