Book Review: Ready to Return

Title: Ready to Return Author: Ken Ham with Jeff Kinley; Research by Britt Beemer Publisher: Master Books (September 7, 2015) Language: English Formats: Paperback, Kindle Pages: 210 Ken Ham, as president and founder of Answers in Genesis, continues to sound the warning that we are at risk of losing future generations to the world’s systems. Armed with a host of alarming statistics, Ham sees a frightening trend of young people leaving the church in droves. And why? Much has to do with questioning the words of Scripture and not receiving satisfactory answers as the 20-somethings (and younger) are continually bombarded with evolutionary and anti-Christian messages day after day through school, books, movies–virtually any outlet of information. He rightly points out that America is fast on its way to following England into spiritual decline and destruction. It is a path that will become broader and more difficult to navigate as respect for … Keep reading!

Book Review: Gifted Mind

Title: Gifted Mind Author: Jeff Kinley with Dr. Raymond Damadian Publisher: Master Books (October 1, 2015) Language: English Formats: Hardcover, Kindle Pages: 240 From the back cover: “In 1969, magnetic resonance imaging machines (MRIs) and similar technologies were just an idea in the visionary life-saving technologies mind of a young Raymond Damadian. As a boy, he watched his grandmother die painfully from breast cancer, which would eventually play a role in his pursuit of a career in medical research and pioneering this amazing field. Although in 1971 his concept of detecting tumors through MRIs was widely met with mocking skepticism, within six years he became the first researcher to do a scan of a human, creating technology to reveal cancer within the human body. His life has been an incredible journey of discovery that will help you learn: How his concept for cancer detection was inspired and developed Why faith remains … Keep reading!