Book Review: Education: Does God Have an Opinion?

Title: Education: Does God Have an Opinion? A Biblical Apologetic for Christian Education & Homeschooling Author: Israel Wayne Publisher: Master Books (April 1, 2017) Language: English Formats: Paperback, Kindle Pages: 240 Whose duty is it to educate children? To hear some tell it, the responsibility lies with the government. Looking back over the past century or so of education, it should be obvious that this mindset has led to disastrous results. Even Christian schools have bought into the models of public education without realizing or caring where those models originated. Israel Wayne has written an excellent book in Education: Does God Have an Opinion?. The first half or so lays out the biblical mandates for parents to take charge of educating their children in a Christian environment. This can often most easily be achieved through homeschooling, but there may be times where enrollment in a Christian school or academy may be necessary. Israel’s … Keep reading!