NaNoWriMo Update – Day Fourteen

Howdy Friends! To all of my fellow WriMo’s, how are you faring this November? Are you staying on track? Falling behind? Surging ahead? It’s been a rough week for me. Not that I haven’t been able to meet my daily word count goals (in fact, I have exceeded the daily goal on all but Day Three, and that was an accounting error on my part due to lack of familiarity with Scrivener). No, my trouble has been the occasional writer’s block, which I’ve heard is pretty common in Week Two. Still, I stuck with it, and here I am, over halfway through the overall goal a whole day early. I’m actually sitting at 25,335 words, which is 335 words above the total word count goal for tomorrow. That’s exciting! I’m actually on track to finish on Saturday, November 28th, which is the day we are going to my in-laws’ to have … Keep reading!

NaNoWriMo Update – Day Four

Hi everyone! If you’re participating in this month’s NaNoWriMo, I hope you’ve all settled comfortably into a writing rhythm. If you’re not participating, you should ask yourself why that is. Maybe you don’t think you’re qualified to be a writer. Maybe you think no one will ever read your story. Maybe you think 50,000 words in 30 days is a ridiculous and unattainable goal that will only lead to a bunch of garbage spewed out on the page. My answer: So what? I love writing and find it to be a therapeutic release. That in itself is worth the effort to me. Now, would I like to end up on a bestseller list? Sure! But that’s not where my focus is. My wife will likely read my story, and if it goes no further that’s just life. I agree that 50,000 words in 30 days is a lot of writing. … Keep reading!

NaNoWriMo – Day Two update

Hey there fellow writers! Are you participating in this month’s NaNoWriMo? There’s still time to get on board and write that 50,000 word story floating around inside your head. I wanted to shout out a bit of encouragement (or bragging, whichever you prefer). I just wrapped up my second day of writing and am still well above the total word count goal. I managed to get down 1,747 words today to bring my total count up to 4,149 (today’s goal was a total of 3,334). Thanksgiving might make things a bit rough because we’ll be spending at least part of the weekend at my in-laws’, but I’ve got a few weekdays off this month that will hopefully keep me going strong. I’m also working this coming weekend, and while I have plenty on my plate to occupy a lot of my time there, weekends are typically a lot slower-paced than … Keep reading!