To the gym once more!

It’s funny how being all sweaty in a gym is a great feeling while being all sweaty while sitting at home just stinks. As with most things in life, context is so important. I don’t mind sweating as long as it’s in the proper context, like working out.I had an exercise partner today. Abi went along with me and we both hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. Granted, Abi doesn’t need to lose weight, but we both need to be more active. Going by treadmill numbers, I walked and jogged for a total of 2 miles again. I was a bit stiff and sore from yesterday, but loosened up after just a few minutes. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it tomorrow due to some errands, and Friday I might not make it as we’ll be having company staying over Thursday night, but two days of rest wouldn’t necessarily … Keep reading!

Sweet, sweet exercise

Yesterday I signed up at Planet Fitness, one of several gyms in the area. I’ll freely admit, I picked it because it offers the cheapest rate. The plan I signed up for is $19.99/month with an annual fee of $39.99. The reason I picked this plan over their still-cheaper plan of $10.00/month and annual fee of $29.99 is because I can bring one guest with me every time I go. Abi might not go with me all of the time, but it’s nice to have the option available. Also, if company comes to visit and they want to get some exercise in while they’re here, I’ve got them covered.Today, then, I went for the first time. For now, I’m only planning on using the treadmill, maybe the elliptical and/or bike. I realize that strength training is an important part of overall fitness, but my main goal is simply to reintroduce … Keep reading!

Ups and Downs

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a month since I last posted here. In that time, some things have changed, others haven’t, and in both cases, not everything has been for the better.One thing that hasn’t changed is my sweet tooth. Man oh man, do I like sugar and all things associated with it! My particular weakness is soda (or pop, depending on where you are and how you grew up). Thankfully I haven’t been hassling with Mountain Dew for quite a while, but other varieties still call out to me. No, seriously, they’re speaking to me and are mad when I don’t pick them as my beverage. It’s really quite scary sometimes.On a more positive note, my flexibility is improving, thanks in large part to the work at physical therapy. I can now bend over at the waist and come just a few short inches from touching my … Keep reading!

Beer Cheese Soup

With Abi being sick, I’ve had to do the cooking. Thankfully, it’s something I enjoy. And I’m great at making terrible-for-you food. My staple breakfast menu is bacon and eggs, with either toast or some sort of potato on the side. MMMmmmMMM! There’s nothing wrong with that menu…until you eat half a package of bacon, half a dozen eggs, three potatoes or four slices of toast, and then watch movies for six-twelve solid hours. Of course, breakfasts like that don’t happen every day, or even every week; once a month, at most.Just like last night’s meal, Beer Cheese Soup. This is the fist time I’ve made it in probably three years. Enough to get my fix and move on. Granted, I couldn’t find a single 12 oz can or bottle of beer for purchase at the store, so I bought a single 24 oz can, and since that’s twice what … Keep reading!

Physical Therapy

I had my four-week follow-up appointment at the orthopedist’s office yesterday. In the time between visits, I’ve improved 85-95%, at least in how I feel. No surprise (to me, at least; others with a less optimistic view of traditional medicine might be surprised), he didn’t recommend surgery, the verdict I was wanting. What he did recommend was physical therapy, and I had my first appointment yesterday afternoon.First of all, I didn’t realize that PT was something a doctor could actually prescribe. I guess you learn something new every day. And second, PT is expensive. I’m going to PhysioTherapy Associates, which must be affiliated in some way with Mercy Hospital. It’s $100/session and the therapist wants to meet three times a week for three weeks. Thankfully I can pay half the cost per week and be billed for the rest, which should get us through until our taxes are finished.My lower back … Keep reading!

First exercise of the year…

I got out for a walk today, and it was quite enjoyable. It also demonstrated that I am very much out of shape. It took me about 23.5 minutes to walk 1.25 miles. I’m very much looking forward to doing better in that regard, as well as not being somewhat winded by the time I get home.Bonus for today, I found a mostly empty pop can on the road just before I got home. I dumped the rest down the sink and rinsed it out, and now I have a free nickel coming my way whenever we stop by Hy-Vee and I put it through the recycler. Yay! … Keep reading!

The beginning is never pretty…

I thought that it would be appropriate to share a couple of pictures to get things started. Now, weight loss and being muscly is not what I’m necessarily about. Body composition is more of what I’m after. I mean, I’d rather weigh 220 and be all muscle than 170 and mostly fat. With that being said, I caution you to view the following images at your own risk. First, this is what I look like when I’m clothed:  It’s not really that bad of a picture when you think about it. There’s a bit of a paunch showing, but that’s to be expected with the level of inactivity that’s been present in my life coupled with my fondness for sweets and my love of food in general. You can also see that my midsection is kinda cocked to the right. This is likely still some residual effect from my issue … Keep reading!

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A new blog for a new life

Welcome to my new blog, devoted to my pursuit of weight loss and an overall healthier lifestyle. While I haven’t ever been what I would consider obese (even though the medical height/weight charts would put me in that category), I’ve struggled with being heavier than I ought to be and a general level of unfitness. My goal isn’t to be a muscle-bound he-man, nor to have a washboard stomach with six-pack abs. I simply want to be healthy so that I may serve my wife, my future children, and, most of all, God Almighty, to the best of my ability for as long as I am allowed to live on this earth.There are two main aspects to my unhealthy life up to this point:1) overeating, particularly of things like candy and pop2) inactivityThe past few months have been a struggle for me. On November 21st, 2011, I started the P90X … Keep reading!