C25K Week 8 Day 2

Well, today’s run went very well. I feel even better than I did after my post-Tuesday shift run. It’s so exciting to see how close I am to a total of 3.1 miles. Next week I should be basically there!My stats today: 0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-33.00 – 4.8 mph33.00-38.00 – 3.6 mphI hit a total distance of 2.83 miles, which is that 13:25 pace again. Saturday I plan to add a bit more speed towards the end of the workout, so I should see the distance creep up and the pace go down a bit. Woo-hoo!How has your day started? … Keep reading!

C25K Week 8 Day 1

Because I’m trying to get four workouts in this week, I decided that tonight I should back off a little bit so I wouldn’t burn myself out before Saturday. The extra three minutes compared to my last run were likely to add extra stress, which is another reason I slowed things down a little bit. However, I still got a great workout tonight and am looking forward to my next one on Thursday.Breakdown for tonight:0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-33.00 – 4.8 mph33.00-38.00 – 3.6 mphTotal distance, 2.83 miles. That’s a 13:25 mile, so going a little backwards on the pace, but I’d rather get the full time in and lose some distance and speed than burn out and have to quit. Distance and speed will come eventually.Be safe today if you are doing any celebrating, but keep in mind why you are celebrating. Today isn’t about steaks, brats, burgers, fireworks, or … Keep reading!

Progress update

Well, I’m not sure if this really counts as an “update” per se, since I haven’t really put anything up on the blog previously in this category, but who cares. I got up this morning and weighed myself, not something I do on a daily basis, and was pleased to see how the numbers came out. I weighed in at 226.6 pounds, but the number I was more concerned with was the body fat figure of 34.7%. That means I’m carrying around about 78.6 pounds of fat.Then, since I had my calculator out, I played with some numbers (as any good geek is inclined to do). The first thing I did was figure out what would happen if I lost 50 pounds of pure fat. That would put my total weight at 176.6 pounds, my fat weight at 28.6 pounds, and my fat percentage at 16%. That’s definitely more in … Keep reading!

C25K Week 7 Day 3

Well, only a couple days late, and I finished Week 7 of the C25K program. I’m going to try to squeeze in three more runs this week so I can get back on track. I feel pretty good, though, after this run. The next workouts will be 28-minute runs, and next week will be 30-minute runs. O_o I’ll get through it…somehow…and then, the week after next, I’ll be back to intervals and overall longer workouts for the 8K program. Woo-hoo! 😀How it went today:0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-25.00 – 5.0 mph25.00-30.00 – 5.5 mph30.00-35.00 – 3.6 mphTotal distance, 2.72 miles, which is a 12:52 mile pace.How’s your movement today? … Keep reading!

C25K Week 7 Day 2

Because I’m behind where I want to be in terms of scheduling, I went to the gym after work Thursday night (it’s 1:40 AM on Friday morning, and I’ve been back from the gym for about 10 minutes). Tonight was tough, probably in part because I’m still dealing with some respiratory crud. I had a 25-minute run on the slate for tonight, and after 18 minutes I was sure I was going to be done, but I managed to stick it out until the end. That in itself is a huge accomplishment for me because usually if I feel like maybe my body wants me to stop because it’s tired, I’ll go ahead and stop (pain is something else…if I’m feeling pain, I’ll stop and feel justified in doing so).Here’s how my gerbil belting went tonight:0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-28.00 – 5.0 mph28.00-29.00 – 5.5 mph29.00-30.00 – 5.0 mph30.00-35.00 – 3.6 … Keep reading!

C25K Week 7 Day 1

I got a bit of a late start this week on my running as I was dealing with some sort of sickness on Monday and didn’t want to push it Tuesday, even though I was feeling quite good by then. So I got over to the gym today around noon to kick off my seventh week of the C25K program. It was tough today, probably due to some residual weakness from being sick, but I pushed forward and made it through.Today’s numbers:0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-30.00 – 5.0 mph30.00-35.00 – 3.6 mphI made it a distance of 2.67 miles, which is a 13:05 pace. I have this same workout two more times this week, probably Thursday night after work and Saturday afternoon.Are you getting your move on? … Keep reading!

C25K Week 6 Day 3

I meant to get to the gym yesterday, but I was so exhausted that even though I went to bed around 1:30 AM (normal now that I’m on the evening shift and not getting home until about 12:30), I didn’t stumble downstairs until about 12:45 PM. By the time I felt up to getting my workout in, it was time for Abi and me to go out for some things we had planned. I went today, though, and that’s what’s important.After a good 8 hours of sleep last night, I got up at 9:30 and was on my way to the gym at 9:45. After the first couple minutes of actual running, I decided I needed to knock the speed down a bit or I wouldn’t finish.Breakdown for today:0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-7.00 – 5.5 mph7.00-23.00 – 5.0 mph23.00-25.00 – 5.5 mph25.00-27.00 – 6.0 mph27.00-32.00 – 3.6 mphTotal distance, 2.49 miles, … Keep reading!

C25K Week 6 Day 2

Back to the gym today for my second run this week. I’m feeling great, and my endurance is going up. Now, an hour and a half later, I kinda wish I could take a nap before work, but that’s not an option, unfortunately. Oh well, things could be worse.My run for today:0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-13.00 – 5.5 mph13.00-14.00 – 6.0 mph14.00-15.00 – 7.0 mph15.00-18.00 – 3.6 mph18.00-26.00 – 5.5 mph26.00-27.00 – 6.0 mph27.00-28.00 – 7.0 mph28.00-31.00 – 3.6 mph31.00-36.00 – 3.0 mphI made it 2.80 miles today, for a 12:51 mile pace. Friday is going to be a challenge with a 22-minute run, but I’m looking forward to it.What have you done today? … Keep reading!