C25K Week 5 Day 2

I got up earlier than normal (8:15 AM) in order to get my wife over to a friend’s house this morning. It’s kinda thrown my schedule, but at the same time it feels pretty good. I didn’t have time to get down my normal pre-workout smoothie before hitting the gym (I didn’t want to see said smoothie returning during my first run :P), but I managed extremely well, I think.When I went running on Monday, my legs were a little tight at the beginning and didn’t loosen up quite like I’d hoped until well over halfway through the workout. Today, my legs were incredibly limber before I even got started, and I’m thinking that’s part of the reason I feel so good after my two longest running intervals of the program yet.I think this week I’ve been feeling the best ever since January, which tells me it’s time to start … Keep reading!

C25K Week 5 Day 1

Even though I kinda didn’t feel like going to the gym this morning, I went anyway, and I’m glad I did. I feel great having gone, and am looking forward to Wednesday when I should get there again.This week is the fifth week of the C25K program, and each day is a different workout, unlike the four previous weeks (Week 6 will also have a different workout every day, and then I’ll be back to each week having the same three workouts). Today’s workout consisted of three 5-minute jogs. My next workout will have two 8-minute jogging intervals, and the one after that will be a solid 20-minute jog. It’ll be interesting to see how I handle that.From today:0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-10.00 – 5.5 mph10.00-13.00 – 3.6 mph13.00-18.00 – 5.5 mph18.00-21.00 – 3.6 mph21.00-25.00 – 5.5 mph25.00-25.30 – 6.0 mph25.30-26.00 – 7.0 mph26.00-29.00 – 3.6 mph29.00-34.00 – 3.0 mphI made … Keep reading!

C25K Week 4 Day 3

I managed to get to the gym this evening with just enough time for my workout before they closed. I took my wife to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Des Moines today, which is when I normally would have gone running, and while I was down there I had almost 2 gyros and three pieces of chicken kabob, so when we got home from the market I wasn’t in any condition to do my workout. Plus I was tired after several short nights in a row, and ended up taking at least a 2-hour nap. I’m still a little tired now at almost 8 PM, so I should sleep well tonight. Today’s intervals: 0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-8.00 – 5.7 mph8.00-9.30 – 3.6 mph9.30-14.30 – 5.7 mph14.30-17.00 – 3.6 mph17.00-20.00 – 5.7 mph20.00-21.30 – 3.6 mph21.30-22.30 – 5.7 mph22.30-23.30 – 5.8 mph23.30-24.30 – 5.7 mph24.30-25.30 – 5.8 mph25.30-26.30 – 6.0 mph26.30-29.00 … Keep reading!

C25K Week 4 Day 2

I’ll fully admit that I was lazy yesterday and decided not to to go the gym. Would I have felt good if I had gone? Sure. But that’s life. I’m not training for the Olympics, just looking to be overall healthier.Having that extra day off might have been a good thing, though. When I went on Monday, I could feel myself approaching a bit of a wall during the last interval. Today, even with a little more speed, I finished strong.Stats for today:0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-8.00 – 5.7 mph8.00-9.30 – 3.6 mph9.30-14.30 – 5.7 mph14.30-17.00 – 3.6 mph17.00-20.00 – 5.7 mph20.00-21.30 – 3.6 mph21.30-25.30 – 5.7 mph25.30-26.30 – 6.0 mph26.30-29.00 – 3.5 mph29.00-34.00 – 3.0 mphI increased my distance from Monday by 0.08 miles, bringing my total to 2.55 miles, which is a 13:20 mile.Have you moved today? … Keep reading!

C25K Week 4 Day 1

Today was the first day of Week 4, which means 5-minute jogs. Miracle of miracles, I survived! Okay, it wasn’t really that bad; I feel great, and I enjoyed myself during the workout.My intervals today:0.00-5.00 – 3.5 mph5.00-8.00 – 5.5 mph8.00-9.30 – 3.5 mph9.30-14.30 – 5.5 mph14.30-17.00 – 3.5 mph17.00-20.00 – 5.5 mph20.00-21.30 – 3.5 mph21.30-26.30 – 5.5 mph26.30-29.00 – 3.5 mph29.00-34.00 – 3.0 mphI hit a distance of 2.47 miles, which translates to a 13:45 mile. With a little extra speed, I’ll break 2.5 miles this week.Have you started your week with some activity? … Keep reading!

C25K Week 3 Day 3

Normally I wouldn’t do this, but today I went to the gym after only about 30 hours since my last session. I’ve been off my schedule lately, and wanted to get back into it. Hopefully, then, I will be there Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week, which is the schedule I’d prefer to keep.I’m feeling pretty good right now, and I’m glad I went for that reason. I decided to add just a little bit of speed to my walking intervals and was able to break 2 miles in my 28 minutes.Here’s the breakdown: 0.00-5.00 – 3.5 mph5.00-6.30 – 6.0 mph6.30-8.00 – 3.7 mph8.00-11.00 – 6.0 mph11.00-14.00 – 3.7 mph14.00-15.30 – 6.0 mph15.30-17.00 – 3.7 mph17.00-18.00 – 6.0 mph18.00-19.00 – 6.5 mph19.00-20.00 – 7.0 mph20.00-23.00 – 3.7 mph23.00-28.00 – 3.0 mphSo the distance today was 2.01 miles, which comes out to a 13:55 mile. Woo-hoo!Next week the running times increase … Keep reading!

C25K Week 3 Day 2

It’s been a busy week, so my plan had been to go to the gym last night after work. However, I was tired enough that I decided to come home instead and went this afternoon. I have enough time to shower and eat lunch before going to work, so that’s good for me. My journey for today: 0.00-5.00 – 3.5 mph5.00-6.30 – 5.7 mph6.30-8.00 – 3.5 mph8.00-11.00 – 5.7 mph11.00-14.00 – 3.5 mph14.00-15.30 – 5.7 mph15.30-17.00 – 3.5 mph17.00-18.00 – 5.7 mph18.00-19.00 – 6.2 mph19.00-20.00 – 6.7 mph20.00-23.00 – 3.5 mph23.00-28.00 – 3.0 mphI hit 1.94 miles in my 28 minutes, which is a 14:25 mile.Are you moving today? … Keep reading!

C25K Week 3 Day 1

Oof, I could tell today that it’d been a few days since I’d hit the treadmill. It took until almost the end of my workout for my legs to get over their protesting at being worked again. I don’t anticipate much lasting soreness, though. And it was a great reminder that I’m getting something done that I’ve desperately needed to get done. Today was also a bit of a challenge with my first 3-minute running interval. Next week the training wheels are further removed as I will have 5-minute intervals.Here’s how it went today:0.00-5.00 – 3.5 mph5.00-6.30 – 5.5 mph6.30-8.00 – 3.5 mph8.00-11.00 – 5.5 mph11.00-14.00 – 3.5 mph14.00-15.30 – 5.5 mph15.30-17.00 – 3.5 mph17.00-18.00 – 5.5 mph18.00-19.00 – 6.0 mph19.00-20.00 – 6.5 mph20.00-23.00 – 3.5 mph23.00-28.00 – 3.0 mphI hit a total distance of 1.91 miles, which is a 14:39 mile. I’m looking forward to adding a little bit … Keep reading!