G28K Week 4 Day 2

There’s something to be said for consistency. Today I ended up doing the exact same workout as Wednesday. However, even though I felt great after my workout Wednesday, I feel even better today, which is an encouraging thought. Tomorrow should be interesting as I will be hitting the gym again in order to get caught up for the week. I’d normally prefer to wait at least 36 hours, but the gym isn’t open late enough for that. Oh well, this doesn’t happen too frequently, so I don’t expect it to be a big deal.With that said, here are my stats for today: 0.00-5.00 – 3.75.00-15.00 – 5.5 mph15.00-16.00 – 4.0 mph16.00-26.00 – 5.5 mph26.00-27.00 – 4.0 mph27.00-37.00 – 5.5 mph37.00-38.00 – 4.0 mph38.00-48.00 – 5.5 mph48.00-49.00 – 4.0 mph49.00-54.00 – 3.7 mphTotal distance, 4.54 miles. Average one-mile pace, 11:53.Hope you’ve managed to find some time to get some exercise in … Keep reading!

G28K Week 4 Day 1

Today should have been Day 2, but as I said in my last post, I didn’t have a good running day on Monday. However, I feel that I have more than made up for it. I woke up this morning and felt the best I have all week, and before going to the gym I made an extra point of stretching. I’m on kind of a high at the moment.So here’s how it went today:0.00-5.00 – 3.75.00-15.00 – 5.5 mph15.00-16.00 – 4.0 mph16.00-26.00 – 5.5 mph26.00-27.00 – 4.0 mph27.00-37.00 – 5.5 mph37.00-38.00 – 4.0 mph38.00-48.00 – 5.5 mph48.00-49.00 – 4.0 mph49.00-54.00 – 3.7 mphTotal distance, 4.54 miles. Average one-mile pace, 11:53. Woo-hoo!I hope you’ve been able to get some activity in today. Even a little bit is good, and the benefits (better health, better attitude) are absolutely worth it! … Keep reading!

Running workout

Today was rather frustrating. I was planning to get G28K Week 4 underway, and managed to get through the first running interval of 10 minutes. When it came to the second one, however, I could only make it for 1 minute before the tightness in my legs forced me to slow things down. I ended up doing a few sprints of up to 1 minute each to keep things going a bit, but all in all it wasn’t a very impressive morning.On the plus side, my back was feeling better today. I’ve had some soreness in my lower back, which, of course, had me concerned. I might have to take things very easy for a week or two to ensure I don’t do something to hurt myself again.Hope you’ve been able to get some activity in! … Keep reading!

G28K Week 3 Day 3

Ever been going through your exercise program and before you’ve even gotten halfway through you think you’re already done? That was today for me. It’s a frustrating feeling. However, to a large degree this can be overcome with willpower (I don’t recommend forcing yourself through a lifting workout with a torn muscle, or something like that, though). Getting through my second and third running intervals was definitely a battle of the mind, yet I succeeded. Pushing through the increased speed the last five minutes of the fourth interval was also tough, but to my great happiness, I plowed ahead and made it to the end.Times and speeds today: 0.00-5.00 – 3.7 mph5.00-14.00 – 5.7 mph14.00-15.00 – 4.0 mph15.00-24.00 – 5.7 mph24.00-25.00 – 4.0 mph25.00-34.00 – 5.7 mph34.00-35.00 – 4.0 mph35.00-39.00 – 5.7 mph39.00-42.00 – 6.0 mph42.00-43.00 – 6.5 mph43.00-43.30 – 7.0 mph43.30-44.00 – 7.5 mph44.00-45.00 – 4.0 mph45.00-50.00 – 3.7 … Keep reading!

G28K Week 3 Day 2

What a day! First I had an appointment with a new chiropractor. I really enjoyed the appointment, and I think I get along with this chiropractor the best out of any I’ve seen in the last few years. Then I went to Chick-fil-A for the Appreciation Day (and even though my faith leaves me in support of traditional marriage, I went more to support the free speech rights of Dan Cathy). We had a service at church tonight for the annual Family Camp, and after that I finally hit the gym. It was a good run…I am continually amazed at how easy it has become to run for so long.How it went today:0.00-5.00 – 3.7 mph5.00-14.00 – 5.6 mph14.00-15.00 – 4.0 mph15.00-24.00 – 5.6 mph24.00-25.00 – 4.0 mph25.00-34.00 – 5.6 mph34.00-35.00 – 4.0 mph35.00-44.00 – 5.6 mph44.00-45.00 – 4.0 mph45.00-50.00 – 3.7 mphMy total distance today was 4.24 miles, which … Keep reading!

G28K Week 3 Day 1

It’s hard to believe I’m already on my third week of this program. And what a week it’s looking to be! I had a great run this morning, and am looking forward to the next two this week.Daily stats:0.00-5.00 – 3.7 mph5.00-14.00 – 5.5 mph14.00-15.00 – 4.0 mph15.00-24.00 – 5.5 mph24.00-25.00 – 4.0 mph25.00-34.00 – 5.5 mph34.00-35.00 – 4.0 mph35.00-44.00 – 5.5 mph44.00-45.00 – 4.0 mph45.00-50.00 – 3.7 mphTotal distance today, 4.18 miles. That comes out to an 11:57-mile. I’m loving it!Hope you can find time to get some moving in today. … Keep reading!

G28K Week 2 Day 3

What a great way to get Friday going! I had so much fun at the gym this afternoon, especially since it seemed considerably easier to get through my workout than the two other days this week. I’m definitely seeing progress, and it’s exciting.Here’s how my run broke down today: 0.00-5.00 – 3.7 mph5.00-13.00 – 5.7 mph13.00-14.00 – 4.0 mph14.00-22.00 – 5.7 mph22.00-23.00 – 4.0 mph23.00-31.00 – 5.7 mph31.00-32.00 – 4.0 mph32.00-35.00 – 5.7 mph35.00-38.00 – 6.0 mph38.00-39.00 – 6.5 mph39.00-39.30 – 7.0 mph39.30-40.00 – 7.5 mph40.00-41.00 – 4.0 mph41.00-46.00 – 3.7 mphI came just short of 4 miles with a distance of 3.97, which comes out to an 11:35-mile. I’m quite thrilled and am looking forward to seeing how I can improve on this next week.If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to get some movement in today. … Keep reading!

G28K Week 2 Day 2

Once again, it’s hot outside, and once again I am thankful to be able to go to a gym to do my running. Actually, after dealing with my herniated disc in the beginning of the year, I’m thankful to be upright and doing anything more than shuffling along. God has been very good to me.My run today:0.00-5.00 – 3.7 mph5.00-13.00 – 5.6 mph13.00-14.00 – 4.0 mph14.00-22.00 – 5.6 mph22.00-23.00 – 4.0 mph23.00-31.00 – 5.6 mph31.00-32.00 – 4.0 mph32.00-40.00 – 5.6 mph40.00-41.00 – 4.0 mph41.00-46.00 – 3.7 mphTotal distance, 3.86 miles, which comes out to an 11:55 mile. Not bad at all!Have you been able to move today? … Keep reading!