P90X Week 1 1/2 Day 4

Funky title for today’s entry, right? And you’re probably thinking, “Hey, what happened to days 1-3?” Rewind back to my last entry. I had Kenpo X on Saturday and afterwards was feeling fantastic. However, that evening I had a huge knot in my right glute and felt some tweaking in my back and legs similar to what I experienced when my disc herniated. That had me concerned, especially because my wife and I were spending two nights with my in-laws and would be sleeping on an air mattress that has historically not been the best for either of us. Thankfully there was a foam pad to put down. On top of that, Abi made sure to pray for me, and I woke up Sunday morning without any pain at all.We didn’t get home until Monday night, and I had decided by that point that I wasn’t going to try to … Keep reading!

P90X Week 1 Day 6

Ah, it’s the end of the first week of P90X and I’m feeling fantastic. Because of a variety of schedule issues revolving around today, I decided to do my final workout this morning instead of last night because I needed to be up earlier than normal. It’s amazing how sore my glutes are from my previous workouts, so I was a little concerned about how today would go, but I sat on a heating pad for a little while to help loosen things up and took it slow.Cardio day today with Kenpo X. One of my coworkers asked if there was actual martial arts training involved, and in my expert opinion I’d have to say…maybe. The moves seem legitimate, but since the focus is on keeping the heart rate up, the speed at which the moves are performed doesn’t seem (to me, with no martial arts experience) to foster actual … Keep reading!

P90X Week 1 Day 5

Back to strength training today with Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X. I have to say, I’m not a fan of wall squats, but that’s mostly because I can’t do them for very long. There were two variations in this workout. The first set of wall squats lasted for 90 seconds. You start with your thighs a little higher than parallel to the ground and hold for 15 seconds, then switch to thighs fully parallel with the ground, back and forth. The second set of wall squats lasted 60 seconds, and you had to raise one leg out in front of you for 10 seconds, switching back and forth. Neither one was very easy, and even should I get into “X” shape, I doubt they’ll be a cake walk, but I’m excited about getting stronger.Abs…well, they’re abs. I’m happy to see that my reps are increasing for most of … Keep reading!

P90X Week 1 Day 4

Well, not much to report here. This session is the Yoga X workout, and I didn’t get more than a few minutes into it. Part of my problem was likely not doing it last night after work when I’d been up all day and my muscles were already somewhat warmed up. I’ll have to keep that in mind for subsequent weeks.Oh well, not everything is easy at first. I’ll just have to work harder next week on getting through it.Hope you’ve found something active to do today. … Keep reading!

P90X Week 1 Day 3

I was seriously bummed out earlier because I left work at 7:45 PM not feeling well and thought I wasn’t going to be able to do my workout tonight. After getting some food in me, a mug of peppermint tea, and a good deal of water, I finally felt pretty much normal around 10:30. I’d been dealing with a pretty good headache that was leaving me weak and semi-nauseous. I was–and still am–pretty sure this was the last hurrah of my caffeine withdrawal (I had two travel mugs of coffee Sunday morning and two glasses of Coke while out to eat with some friends). I’m happy to say that I should be through the worst of it, and I am thrilled I was able to get my exercising in tonight!It was a good night, too. Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X. So far, having done three workouts, the two … Keep reading!

P90X Week 1 Day 2

Tonight’s workout was Plyometrics (jump training), and it is a killer. I was only able to make it about 2/3 of the way through before I was toast. It’s frustrating in a way, but at the same time, I’m happy that I was able to do that much of such an intense session.Could I have gone longer? Sure. Would it have been smart? That’s trickier to answer. Because this workout shows up throughout the entire program, though, I have time to improve. Besides, as I’ve stressed before, I don’t want to push so hard that I risk injury to myself again.At any rate, I’m glad to be moving. I hope you’re finding time in your life to get some activity in, too. Even a walk around the block is better than nothing. Start small if you haven’t been doing anything lately. Results come with time, benefits start immediately. … Keep reading!

P90X Week 1 Day 1

Well, I took things slow, but that’s okay, because I made it through the workout. Today’s session was Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X. I can definitely tell there are several muscles I haven’t used in a while, so being deliberate and taking my time is going to be highly important. Sure, it’s frustrating to be doing so few reps with so little weight, but all that will come with patience.Now, I haven’t told any of you this before, but I have discovered the secret to time travel. This has allowed me to obtain my before and after pictures from P90X today, and you can see them now, too, instead of waiting several months.Are you ready?No, seriously, are you really ready?Okay then, here you go. Don’t faint. That’s right, baby! I am a beast! RAWR! … Keep reading!


As I mentioned last week, I have decided to get into P90X again. Tonight will be my first night into it this time around. I will be taking it SLOWLY so as to not injure my back again. I don’t know if P90X was the cause of my disc herniation or if it was what pushed me over, but in any case, I don’t want to risk that sort of hurt again. I’m going to keep the weight light and the reps using the band minimal for this first week as my body adjusts. As great as I think this program is, I am not wanting to use it as a once-for-all solution to my weight management goals. Rather, I see this as a way to get into the best possible shape I can over the next three months and then go from there. I am hoping to manage 2-4 … Keep reading!