G28K Week 1 Day 2

Back to the gym today to continue my running progress. I was hoping to get in, done, and home a little earlier today, but I needed to get my oil changed so I still didn’t get home until about 1:20. Leftovers for lunch today, though, so time isn’t going to be too big of an issue.My gerbil belting today: 0.00-5.00 – 3.7 mph5.00-12.00 – 5.6 mph12.00-13.00 – 4.0 mph13.00-20.00 – 5.6 mph20.00-21.00 – 4.0 mph21.00-28.00 – 5.6 mph28.00-29.00 – 4.0 mph29.00-36.00 – 5.6 mph36.00-37.00 – 4.0 mph37.00-42.00 – 3.7 mphTotal distance, 3.49 miles. Average pace, 12:02. It’s getting down there!How’s your exercising going? … Keep reading!

G28K Week 1 Day 1

Hello, faithful followers! Today marks a new day in my exercise regimen. I started the Gateway to 8K program (details can be found towards the bottom of the page at www.c25k.com). This is a 10-week program, and I’m looking forward to building on my success with the C25K program. The first 9 weeks will be interval runs, culminating in the 10th week with solid 50-minute runs. Nine weeks ago, the prospect of running 50 minutes solid sounded daunting; today, it seems well within my reach.Week One involves a 5-minute warm-up walk, followed by four 7-minute jogs with a 1-minute walk in between. I added a 1-minute walk after the 4th jog before my 5-minute cooldown so I could bring my pace down a little more gradually.My run for today:0.00-5.00 – 3.7 mph5.00-12.00 – 5.5 mph12.00-13.00 – 4.0 mph13.00-20.00 – 5.5 mph20.00-21.00 – 4.0 mph21.00-28.00 – 5.5 mph28.00-29.00 – 4.0 mph29.00-36.00 … Keep reading!

C25K Week 9 Day 3

Well, I did it. The C25K program has now been completed. It’s a tremendous feeling, and I look forward to building on my success starting next week with the Gateway to 8K program.As I mentioned in the last couple of posts, I upped my speed some in this workout, and it yielded some impressive dividends.Here’s the breakdown for today:0.00-5.00 – 3.7 mph5.00-15.00 – 4.9 mph15.00-25.00 – 5.0 mph25.00-30.00 – 5.5 mph30.00-33.00 – 6.0 mph33.00-34.00 – 6.5 mph34.00-35.00 – 7.0 mph35.00-40.00 – 3.7 mphI went a total distance of 3.25 miles, and netted a pace of 12:18. This is my fastest pace to date, as well as the highest distance in one workout.Hope your Friday has seen some activity. Enjoy your weekend, and get moving! … Keep reading!

Progress report!

I haven’t been to the gym yet today, but I’ll be heading that way shortly and another post will follow at that time. For now, I thought I’d give a brief progress report, complete with new picture, spurred on by the fact that my wife has noticed I’m looking a bit skinnier. I’ve lost about 3 pounds in the last 10 days, so…yeah, things are happening!The past 9 weeks have been fantastic, and I’m feeling overall more energetic, which is a great feeling. My clothes are fitting a bit better, my running endurance has increased, I can take the stairs a bit more easily now…in short, I am getting healthier.Last week, Abi got an iTouch and started using the MyFitnessPal app to track her calories (she’s trying to gain healthy weight since she’s about 19 weeks pregnant). She invited me to use the web-based version at www.myfitnesspal.com, and it’s been … Keep reading!

C25K Week 9 Day 2

Back to the gym this morning, and I feel incredible! It’s amazing how easy it was to do my run this morning…at least, after the first four or five minutes while my legs were still adjusting. I’m sure it helped that my pace was relatively laid-back, but I definitely felt like I could have kept going at least another ten minutes. Friday should be a lot of fun as I increase the speed.How it went today:0.00-5.00 – 3.7 mph5.00-15.00 – 4.9 mph15.00-35.00 – 5.0 mph35.00-40.00 – 3.7 mphI went a total of 3.09 miles, which is a 12:56 pace. I’m not sure how this will translate to outdoor running, but I’m very excited about the likelihood of running a sub-40 minute 5K.Have you been active today? … Keep reading!

C25K Week 9 Day 1

I am so thankful to be able to afford a gym membership. Today isn’t nearly as hot as it was last week, but still, I know I wouldn’t do nearly as well if I were running outside. Eventually I will need to transition to outdoor running if I plan to run in any races, but for now, it is such a blessing to be able to run inside.I feel great today after my run. This week, all of my runs are 30 solid minutes. That’s quite an achievement in my book to be able to go so long in one shot. And it’s amazing to think that just eight weeks ago when I got started, I couldn’t have come close to doing this.Here’s my gerbil belting for today:0.00-5.00 – 3.7 mph5.00-21.00 – 4.9 mph21.00-35.00 – 5.0 mph35.00-40.00 – 3.7 mphTotal distance, 3.08 miles (0.60 of those were from the walking … Keep reading!

C25K Week 8 Day 3

Week 8 is done! And what a workout. I feel fantastic after my run, despite only getting about 4 1/2 hours of sleep last night. I should sleep well tonight, probably even if I end up taking a nap before heading to my in-laws’ house.My wife bought an iTouch recently, and started using the MyFitnessPal app (though in her case it’s to make sure she’s eating enough of the right things because she’s pregnant). You can use their services at MyFitnessPal.com if you don’t have a device capable of using the app. I’m enjoying the calorie-tracking aspect of the site. I’m also being forced to take stock of my food choices, which is probably helping me overall.Anyway, my run today:0.00-5.00 – 3.6 mph5.00-23.00 – 4.9 mph23.00-28.00 – 5.0 mph28.00-31.00 – 5.5 mph31.00-32.00 – 6.0 mph32.00-33.00 – 7.0 mph33.00-38.00 – 3.6 mphI hit a distance of 2.97 miles for a pace … Keep reading!

A good long walk…

I went to the gym today to get in a decent walk. Since I’m paying for the membership, I might as well use it, and it’s another scorcher today, so I wouldn’t have wanted to walk outside anyway. I could have stayed home and done some strength training exercises, which I probably should be doing, but I think I’ll see about getting consistent with that next week when I should be back on my normal MWF running schedule.Anyway, I logged 2 miles today in 30 minutes. A brisk walking pace seemed like a good idea to get my metabolism fired up a bit this afternoon. I’m really looking forward to my run tomorrow, which was further emphasized by my wanting to crank the speed up today. How great is that? 😀Hope you’re finding time to get some activity in today. … Keep reading!