C25K Week 2 Day 2

A great day at the gym this morning! I’m so glad I have a place to run indoors because it was cold and rainy. I think there are actually about six days a year I find to be ideal for running outside, and I always seem to be working.It’s been fun seeing the change in distance compared to my first go-through of this program earlier in the year. I’m curious to see how things will go next week with increased speeds as I start getting longer running segments.Breakdown for today: 0.00-5.00 – 3.5 5.00-6.30 – 6.6 6.30-8.30 – 4.0 8.30-10.00 – 6.6 10.00-12.00 – 4.0 12.00-13.30 – 6.6 13.30-15.30 – 4.0 15.30-17.00 – 6.6 17.00-19.00 – 4.0 19.00-20.30 – 6.6 20.30-22.30 – 4.0 22.30-24.00 – 6.6 24.00-26.00 – 4.0 26.00-31.00 – 3.5Total distance, 2.37 miles, for a 13:04 pace. It’s getting down there!I hope you can make time today for … Keep reading!

C25K Week 2 Day 1

I worked the overnight shift Saturday and Sunday nights, and by the time I got home at 8 AM on Monday, I was ready for bed. My plan had been to get up around 1:30 and head to the gym, but when I woke up my left leg was really bothering me so I figured it wouldn’t do me much good to stress it out. Today, though, I felt great and my run went very well. I can tell a significant difference between my running shoes and my regular shoes, and it has me thinking that I might need to look at getting some different shoes for everyday use (my regular shoes feel incredibly hard to my feet). Unfortunately, money is a bit tight, so I’ll have to wait a while before I make any more shoe purchases, especially since I’m not expecting a $20 pair to do the trick. … Keep reading!

C25K Week 1 Day 3

It’s a great day for running!I enjoyed my time at the gym this afternoon. It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of the week. Two days off now and then back to it on Monday.Breakdown today: 0.00-5.00 – 3.5 mph5.00-6.00 – 6.7 mph6.00-7.30 – 4.0 mph7.30-8.30 – 6.7 mph8.30-10.00 – 4.0 mph10.00-11.00 – 6.7 mph11.00-12.30 – 4.0 mph12.30-13.30 – 6.7 mph13.30-15.00 – 4.0 mph15.00-16.00 – 6.7 mph16.00-17.30 – 4.0 mph17.30-18.30 – 6.7 mph18.30-20.00 – 4.0 mph20.00-21.00 – 6.7 mph21.00-22.30 – 4.0 mph22.30-23.30 – 8.0 mph23.30-25.00 – 4.0 mph25.00-30.00 – 3.5 mphThe sprint at the end was a lot of fun, and I handled it much better than I thought I might. Total distance today, 2.29 miles. Average pace, 13:06.Hope you can get out and enjoy some exercise, too! … Keep reading!

C25K Week 1 Day 2

Happy Wednesday! It’s a magnificent day out there, and whether you’re exercising indoors or out, I hope you’re enjoying the weather. Fall is definitely here with the leaves turning brilliant colors and the air taking on a crisp chill.Back to the gym today for another run. It was easier than Monday’s run, and I’m feeling fantastic. I didn’t make significant increases in either my speed or distance compared to Monday, but it’s all baby steps. In a few more weeks, I’ll practically be flying.Workout breakdown for today: 0.00-5.00 – 3.5 mph5.00-6.00 – 6.6 mph6.00-7.30 – 4.0 mph7.30-8.30 – 6.6 mph8.30-10.00 – 4.0 mph10.00-11.00 – 6.6 mph11.00-12.30 – 4.0 mph12.30-13.30 – 6.6 mph13.30-15.00 – 4.0 mph15.00-16.00 – 6.6 mph16.00-17.30 – 4.0 mph17.30-18.30 – 6.6 mph18.30-20.00 – 4.0 mph20.00-21.00 – 6.6 mph21.00-22.30 – 4.0 mph22.30-23.30 – 6.6 mph23.30-25.00 – 4.0 mph25.00-30.00 – 3.5 mphTotal distance, 2.26 miles. This comes out to a … Keep reading!

C25K Week 1 Day 1

Well, as I said last time, I decided to start the C25K program over again. I know I’ve lost something in the running department and I’m looking forward to gaining it back. For the first few weeks, at least, I’m going to try and push the speed a bit so I can hopefully increase my pace in the last few weeks. I’ll probably be fluctuating as I try to figure out just where my body is right now.I feel great after my first workout this week, though, which is exciting. My new running shoes felt amazing the entire time. I’ll give them another couple of workouts to be sure, but I’m thinking these are a great fit for me.So, here’s how it all broke down today:0.00-5.00 – 3.5 mph5.00-6.00 – 6.5 mph6.00-7.30 – 4.0 mph7.30-8.30 – 6.5 mph8.30-10.00 – 4.0 mph10.00-11.00 – 6.5 mph11.00-12.30 – 4.0 mph12.30-13.30 – 6.5 mph13.30-15.00 … Keep reading!

Running workout

I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday, but my workout was from yesterday, Friday, October 5th. Abi and I went to the gym for some walking and jogging and I really enjoyed it.I tried some sprints and think they went well. After a five-minute warm-up, I jogged at 5.5 mph for 1 minute, then 7.5 mph for 1 minute. I did this four times. Then I alternated walking and jogging, ending with 3 minutes of a cooldown walk. Overall, I covered 2.04 miles in 25 minutes.I am thinking to start the C25K program over again as I’ve definitely lost endurance, but this time around I’ll hit some higher speeds for the first few weeks to hopefully increase my pace in the second half of the regimen.Some exciting news is that I bought new running shoes today! I had purchased a pair from The Running Room in Rochester, MN last … Keep reading!

Running workout

Made it back to the gym today for the first time in 6-8 weeks. I’d obviously lost something in the running department, but it felt great to be back at it.Overall, I spent 22 minutes and 44 seconds on the treadmill and went 1.71 miles, which averages out to a 13:17 pace. But, that includes warm-up and cool-down. For actual running, I ran a full mile in 10 minutes and 44 seconds. It’ll be nice to see that number go down and my endurance go up.Hope you’re able to get moving in some way today, too! … Keep reading!

Time to change it up…again

Well, even though it’s somewhat frustrating to do this, I’m going to be changing my exercise regimen once again. I’ve been experiencing a little more tweakiness in my legs and back, and I’m forced to conclude that it’s probably due to P90X and my body not being quite ready for it. That’s disappointing to me, but better to play it safe.So, it’s going to be back to running for a while, as well as working on abs and flexibility. As long as I’m still moving, it’s all good.For those of you who might also be struggling with various things exercisey, I hope this can be an encouragement to you. Don’t be afraid to back off of something if it’s proving too strenuous for your current level of health. Having to stop entirely because of an injury is no fun at all, and it really doesn’t do you any good. … Keep reading!