Episode 20 – Wedding Food and Marriage

Who doesn’t love a wedding? A highly festive event celebrating the love two people share as well as their becoming one. And what’s better than a flashy wedding ceremony than a bunch of tasty food? Not much! Marriage itself is meant to be a sacred endeavor, two souls uniting in an unbreakable bond. But this bond is more than simply love; it is meant to picture the relationship Christ has with the Church. Get in touch: Website: www.bite-sizedtheology.com Facebook: Bite-Sized Theology https://www.facebook.com/groups/1643844862602170/ Twitter: @bite_sizedtheo E-mail: contact@bite-sizedtheology.com Amazon Referral Links: Starting Your Marriage Right: What You Need to Know in the Early Years to Make It Last a Lifetime http://amzn.to/2rSBkzE Love & Respect http://amzn.to/2qxt5cj The Exemplary Husband http://amzn.to/2sbxXB5 The Excellent Wife http://amzn.to/2qysza4 Disciplines of a Godly Man http://amzn.to/2rC9Bn3 Check out Peixoto Coffee! https://peixotocoffee.com/ Stop by the Seven Stars Family Restaurant if you’re ever near Clear Lake, IA https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seven-Stars-Family-Restaurant/227186637311161 Intro: “Alarming News (60 seconds)” https://www.shockwave-sound.com/royalty-free-music-track/8584/alarming-news this-is-delicious.wav, dinner-is-served.wav, its-not-that-easy.wav, wait-a-minute.wav, … Keep reading!

New Series: The Christian Author – Excellence in Writing

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Christian fiction”? One image that comes immediately to my mind is “Amish romance novels”. I think that’s kinda sad, considering that I co-authored a series of six Christian fiction books with my friend, Tim Chaffey. Other thoughts that filter through my mind are “low-quality”, “cliché”, and “childish”. Sadly, the advent of self-publishing has not, in my experience, done much to change my mind. It seems that everyone wants to be a writer (hey, so do I!), but I have seen numerous books come through that were poorly planned, poorly edited, and downright poorly written. I am working through a book right now that I hope to finish soon so I can properly review it, and without wanting to bash the author, it seems that this book was put to press before sufficient drafting and editing had taken place. I hate … Keep reading!

Book Review: Book Review Banzai

Title: Book Review Banzai: The Unknown Author’s Ultimate Guide to Getting Amazon Reviews Author: Jason Ladd Publisher: Boone Shepherd (June 7, 2017) Language: English Formats: Kindle Pages: 55 If you’re an author looking to generate sales on Amazon, you need reviews. Without reviews, few people are going to take a chance on your book, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter how good your book is, time and money are precious commodities, and spending either on an unknown author is a risky prospect. Here’s where a shot in the arm is needed, and Jason Ladd’s Book Review Banzai yields insight into the necessary steps to generating large numbers of reviews on or around launch day for your product. I appreciate that Ladd is honest about the effort you will need to put into your own banzai to see results. This is not a magic bullet or get-rich-quick scheme. As he puts it, you will … Keep reading!

Did you know…? Blood, Part 6 – The ABO Blood Group System

The ABO system is the first system considered when it comes to transfusions. A Type O individual can only receive Type O blood, while a Type AB individual can receive A, B, AB, and O. This system was first described by Karl Landsteiner in 1900, which was a landmark achievement in the world of blood banking. The ABO antigens are found on red cells and platelets, as well as many circulating proteins and even various tissues in the body (which comes into play for organ transplantation). Failure to properly match ABO types for blood transfusions can result in acute intravascular hemolysis, renal failure, and death; in organ transplants, it is possible to see acute humoral rejection of the transplanted organ. As such, ABO testing is of critical importance in any pretransfusion scenario and is of high importance before transplantation. Apart from the rare Bombay phenotype, all red blood cells express the … Keep reading!

Book Review: Education: Does God Have an Opinion?

Title: Education: Does God Have an Opinion? A Biblical Apologetic for Christian Education & Homeschooling Author: Israel Wayne Publisher: Master Books (April 1, 2017) Language: English Formats: Paperback, Kindle Pages: 240 Whose duty is it to educate children? To hear some tell it, the responsibility lies with the government. Looking back over the past century or so of education, it should be obvious that this mindset has led to disastrous results. Even Christian schools have bought into the models of public education without realizing or caring where those models originated. Israel Wayne has written an excellent book in Education: Does God Have an Opinion?. The first half or so lays out the biblical mandates for parents to take charge of educating their children in a Christian environment. This can often most easily be achieved through homeschooling, but there may be times where enrollment in a Christian school or academy may be necessary. Israel’s … Keep reading!

Episode 19 – The Resurrection is Vital to Christian Theology

Different parts of the Resurrection narrative catch our attention at different times, but the key point is that Jesus rose from the dead. If this were not the case, Christianity would be a farce and Christians would be deluded at best. This episode looks at the Resurrection from a few different angles, with 1 Cor. 15:12-24, Heb. 9:15-24, and John 21:15-17 as the texts. The episode might feel a bit rambly, but I trust you can be encouraged even in my incoherence. Get in touch: Website: www.bite-sizedtheology.com Facebook: Bite-Sized Theology https://www.facebook.com/groups/1643844862602170/ Twitter: @bite_sizedtheo E-mail: contact@bite-sizedtheology.com Amazon Referral Link: The Resurrection Fact: Responding to Modern Critics, edited by John J. Bombaro & Adam S. Francisco http://amzn.to/2oCaPtW Visit Tim Chaffey’s site: www.midwestapologetics.org Buy Tim’s Book In Defense of Easter: Answering Critical Challenges to the Resurrection of Jesus http://midwestapologetics.org/shop/index.php?rt=product/product&product_id=124 Intro: “Alarming News (60 seconds)” https://www.shockwave-sound.com/royalty-free-music-track/8584/alarming-news this-is-delicious.wav, dinner-is-served.wav, its-not-that-easy.wav, wait-a-minute.wav, yes-please.wav, yummy.wav http://www.pacdv.com/sounds/voices-4.html Joel Osteen “Ease … Keep reading!

Episode 18 – Interview with Israel Wayne, Part 5

Why bother reading dead theologians? What can they possibly say to us today? Not that we should read them to the exclusion of Scripture, or read only one or two and thus get a slanted interpretation of Scripture, but I find at least two points of value in reading the theology of men and women long gone. One, we get a picture of what Christians have believed throughout the centuries. Two, we also gain an understanding of the trials and false teaching the Church has faced throughout its history and come to realize that there truly is nothing new under the sun. This is not mean to be a slam on contemporary theologians. Stay tuned for my proposed “Read Old Dead Guys” campaign, possibly to kick off in May. Visit the “Read Old Dead Guys” page on this site for information on picking up some sweet swag! What’s it like … Keep reading!

Episode 17 – Interview with Israel Wayne, Part 4

The fourth in a five-part series wherein I have the privilege of interviewing Israel Wayne. We discuss Christian-based education and the commands God has given to Christian parents to train up their children. Excellent information for all parents! We also talk about spiritual hunger and spiritual substance within the church (and how children will absorb and even want more than what we give them credit for in terms of spiritual understanding); secular and Mennonite socialism, social justice, and Biblical economics in Canada; Israel has been to Canada, Mexico, Japan, and, most recently, Russia, speaking on homeschooling and the Bible in general; homeschooling is technically illegal in Japan, with an estimated 5,000 families homeschooling under the radar, and the Japanese parliament has a bill in consideration that would make Japan the second-most restrictive country in terms of homeschooling; the spiritual hunger is real in Russia (the highest level of spiritual hunger … Keep reading!