The following links are websites and/or blogs that I find especially interesting. Clicking should open a new window. Please contact me if this isn’t the case, or if a link is broken. Also, inclusion of a link on this page does not necessarily imply 100% agreement with the page/organization to which the link leads.

Øtherworld – Follow the adventures of Jarrod Luckbane as he gets to live out his favorite online role-playing game. The first adventure, Luckbane, is due in 2013.

Writing Resources:
Writer’s Digest – A wealth of current information for the aspiring author. Have questions about the technical aspects of writing? This is a great source! A unique feature is that the homepage has a daily writing prompt to help get your creative juices flowing. Additionally, they offer several resources that may help you with specific issues, such as character, setting, or plot development.

NaNoWriMo – Home to the National Novel Writing Month challenge, where authors seek to write an entire novel in just 30 days. Online interactions with other authors, fun merchandise, inspirational e-mails, and opportunities to connect in person with local writers provide an environment that just might take you from wishing you could write a story to actually getting the words on paper.

Midwest Apologetics – A ministry focusing on Christian apologetics run by friend and co-author Tim Chaffey.

Answers in Genesis – One of the largest creation ministries in the world, their aim is supporting the authority of Scripture.

Blogs I Enjoy:
A Soldier Called Preacher – My friend Joe Matthews discusses Christianity and the Christian life with practical, biblical thougths.

The Matt Walsh Blog – A blog that addresses current issues with a lot of common sense.

The Art of Manliness – Okay, this one is more just for fun. They strive to bring back the elements of manhood that have been lost, particularly in the last generation or two. Note, there is the occasional word that some might find offensive, so read with caution.

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