Happy Friday!

It’s Friday. Eight hours of work and then the weekend, the sweet taste of pending freedom! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long week for me. I had a cold or something when I got up Monday and was pretty miserable all day, enough that I stayed home Tuesday to completely recover. I’ve felt fine since, so I think it was worth the trade off. Work has been steady this week, with several patients to tend to in my department. I’ve been struggling most of the week with whether or not this job is worth continuing. I think part of my frustration stems from a feeling of being trapped: we had to borrow from my retirement account to pay for a new furnace and A/C this spring, and we’re on a 5-year repayment plan to cover it; and our finances otherwise are such that I can’t afford … Keep reading!

To be a writer…

I’ve not been terribly active on any of my blogging sites for quite some time, and without looking at my list of posts, I’m confident that at least the last dozen on this blog have been book reviews. Not unimportant in my mind, but also not fully in keeping with what I intended this site to be. And for that I apologize. I recently put up a post on my general blog about struggling with dissatisfaction (http://www.jwexperience.com/2017/04/14/a-long-break/). My wife and I have had some discussions lately and have come up with a few reasons we as Christians might experience dissatisfaction. Sometimes it’s God nudging us to shift our focus because something different is in the works. Other times it’s a reminder to realign our priorities because we’re actually doing what we should be and have lost sight of that. When it comes to writing, you have to write. I still want … Keep reading!

A long break…

I haven’t been active here for 2 1/2 years, and it’s strange how quickly time passes. Those who know me have seen a lot of things happen. My wife and I bought a house and have welcomed two more children (for a total of three); I’ve settled fairly well into my position as Blood Bank Lead Technologist at work; I’ve had continued back troubles; our church provided pulpit supply for almost a year to a church about 45 minutes away; and I’ve started a podcast (Bite-Sized Theology, www.bite-sizedtheology.com). That’s just a portion of what’s been going on. I’ve been in a reflective mood lately. My oldest son, Lukas, fell and broke his arm; my daughter, Melody, is a huge Daddy’s girl and I worry about how I will ever learn to tell her “No”; and my youngest son, Nathanael, was born with hypospadias and had a tongue- and lip-tie that … Keep reading!

Episode 1 – A New Podcast Is Born

Hey, everyone! It’s been an exciting week. I successfully recorded my first episode and it is now available on iTunes and Stitcher. You can also go to www.soundcloud.com and create a profile there if you want to stream it online. Unfortunately, as I understand the user agreement with BlueHost (the hosting service for this website), I won’t be able to upload the episodes to this site for streaming/downloading. Still, milestones! If you happen to give the podcast a listen, please remember to rate and comment on the episodes as this will help put the podcast in the sights of other potential listeners. The first episode felt a bit rough after listening to it, more dead spaces than I would have liked but might not have sounded great if I’d cut them out. That is a disadvantage of doing this on my own, so I would appreciate prayers that I could … Keep reading!


Welcome to Bite-Sized Theology! If you’re coming across this site before September 2016, odds are that it is very much under construction. I am not the savviest of individuals when it comes to websites, even with the templates and tools afforded through WordPress installations, but I also can’t afford to pay someone to design a site for me at the moment. I have found some tutorials on building my own WordPress themes and I may experiment a bit to see if I come up with something I like better than the current theme setup. I am also hoping that I will have my first podcast episode online before August is over. I have a reasonable expectation of being able to meet this goal, but please hang tight if I for some reason don’t make it. You may be wondering, “Why another podcast, especially about theology?” Those asking this question sound … Keep reading!

A brief update…

Howdy all! If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the look of things. I hope you like it. This new look feels sleeker to me. One thing I really like about using WordPress is the ability to easily change how things appear. Granted, there was still a little back-end tweaking that needed to be done to make sure everything was visible and working, but it was a whole lot easier than starting over from scratch. You’ll notice there is now a “Store” link in the menu bar. It is usable now, but it’s not finished, as I only have two products out of six up for sale. I will hopefully have everything in place sometime in the first week of December. Also, just a reminder that my giveaway for The Truth Chronicles in commemoration of Book 6 being published starts on Sunday, December 1st and runs through … Keep reading!


I read an article on FoxNews.com recently that, frankly, has me a little irked. You can read the article here. And another article here. What I have to wonder after reading this article is just how far is too far when it comes to bullying? Don’t get me wrong, I think bullying is terrible and needs to be addressed. But is what is discussed in the article truly bullying? Granted, I don’t have all of the information. I wasn’t at the game, so I can’t say how the coach of the winning team was handling the situation. Did he appear gleeful or malicious as his team racked up score after score? If we can take his statements in the articles at face-value, that he pulled his starters and eventually put in his third string players and that the clock ran continuously starting in the 3rd quarter, what more should we … Keep reading!