Book Review: Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted

Title: Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted Author: Ron Citlau Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (March 14, 2017) Language: English Formats: Paperback, Kindle Pages: 176 This is going to be a controversial book because of the subject matter. Homosexuality has been enshrined in such emotional terms that a rational discussion is often difficult to achieve. I have read some reviews of this book that make me wonder if the reviewers looked past the title, calling out Ron Citlau as some hate-spewing monster. Pastor Citlau, who has dealt with same-sex attraction in his own life, approaches this topic both from experience and with grace. Like Christians of old, he has not shied away from calling homosexuality what it is: sin. But he doesn’t just make this declaration and drop the mic; he provides insight on two major fronts. First, he addresses three obstacles to the same-sex attracted (SSA) individual finding fulfillment in Christ. Then … Keep reading!

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday. Eight hours of work and then the weekend, the sweet taste of pending freedom! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long week for me. I had a cold or something when I got up Monday and was pretty miserable all day, enough that I stayed home Tuesday to completely recover. I’ve felt fine since, so I think it was worth the trade off. Work has been steady this week, with several patients to tend to in my department. I’ve been struggling most of the week with whether or not this job is worth continuing. I think part of my frustration stems from a feeling of being trapped: we had to borrow from my retirement account to pay for a new furnace and A/C this spring, and we’re on a 5-year repayment plan to cover it; and our finances otherwise are such that I can’t afford … Keep reading!

The Christian Author – Excellence in Writing: What to do With Your Ideas

Every story starts with an idea. Sometimes it takes effort to put an idea together. Other ideas seem to pop into place more or less fully formed. My ideas often come to me at inconvenient times (i.e., middle of the night, in the shower, when I’m busy at work), and it can be a struggle to get the minimum necessary information written down somewhere so I can go back to the idea later. But this post isn’t so much about how to foster ideas or jumpstart your creativity if you’re going through a dry spell. What I’m after is the “should”. “Should I pursue this idea?” While my own personal standards will undoubtedly be reflected in this post, I don’t want to approach this topic in a legalistic fashion. If I can’t conclusively prove from Scripture that my standard is the biblical requirement, it’s okay for you to have a … Keep reading!

Did you know…? Blood, Part 7 – Transfusions are often overutilized

Transfusions are common in the medical world. In fact, blood transfusion has been cited as one of the five most overutilized therapeutic procedures in the United States.[1] There are times when it seems that a transfusion is ordered without a complete assessment of the clinical picture. For example, communications with various Blood Bank techs reveal that a physician will frequently transfuse a patient when the hemoglobin has dropped below 8.0 g/dL. (A low hemoglobin count is generally defined as less than 13.5 g/dL for men, 12.0 g/dL for women, but this threshold may differ slightly depending on the hospital.[2]) However, a low hemoglobin in the absence of active bleeding may not be sufficient cause for transfusion. In any case, millions of patients are transfused annually, sometimes with multiple units over extended periods of time. A cancer patient, depending on the type of cancer, may end up being transfused 1-2 units … Keep reading!

Episode 23 – Happy Father’s Day!

To all the dads out there, this one’s for you! Being a dad is an awesome job that has its share of difficulties and trials, but it is ultimately one of the most rewarding aspects to life there is. We look a bit at the rich heritage of Israel and the faith handed down through their fathers, discuss the importance of faith spanning generations, and call men to be the best husbands and fathers possible. Get in touch: Website: Facebook: Bite-Sized Theology Twitter: @bite_sizedtheo E-mail: Be sure to leave a rating AND review in iTunes for a chance to win the coffee mug or T-shirt of your choice from the stores my wife and I have put together. Intro: “Alarming News (60 seconds)” Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That’t-nobody-got-time-for-that-mp3-download_255151.html its-not-that-easy.wav and wait-a-minute.wav Joel Osteen “Ease is Coming” Accessed 3/11/17 allwings.mp3 … Keep reading!

Episode 22 – Trials

Have you ever faced a trial in life? Of course you have. They can be tough and disheartening, but take courage, for the Lord will see you through them. You must be prepared for them, though. Be sure to head over to iTunes ( to leave a rating and review and be entered in a drawing for your choice of one item from either of these stores: Check out the YouVersion app! Get in touch: Website: Facebook: Bite-Sized Theology Twitter: @bite_sizedtheo E-mail: Intro: “Alarming News (60 seconds)” Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That’t-nobody-got-time-for-that-mp3-download_255151.html its-not-that-easy.wav and wait-a-minute.wav Joel Osteen “Ease is Coming” Accessed 3/11/17 allwings.mp3 and almostthere.mp3 honored.wav, destiny.wav, and bad_feeling.wav Star Wars is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm. Outro: “Anachronist” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License … Keep reading!

Episode 21 – Marriage and Homeschooling

I’m going to try a half-hour format and drop the food discussion from the episodes to help free up recording and editing time as well as to create a more focused approach to what I consider the important piece of this podcast: Theology. I may also consider a sabbatical in order to better define what I want to accomplish. More word as these scenarios develop. Food may still be a topic of discussion, but in a different format, such as blog posts or YouTube videos. Stay tuned for details as I figure out what I’m doing. My wife and I recently attended the Homeschool Iowa conference in Iowa City and were further encouraged in our plans to homeschool our children. We heard a lot of good information and were particularly reminded that homeschooling, just like marriage, is a team effort. Even though she will be doing a large portion of … Keep reading!