About Me

Now that you’ve stumbled upon my corner of cyberspace, you must be dying to know who I am. Well, okeydokey then, let me satiate your curiosity.

I am, first and foremost, a Christian. This doesn’t mean that I am perfect (the only person to live an entirely perfect life was Jesus Christ), but I am striving to live my life more and more by God’s standards with each passing day. My faith and practices might seem archaic, even unenlightened, in this modern age, and I accept that people will not always understand. I am always willing to discuss my beliefs in a civil manner (I can’t abide outright rudeness, no matter where it originates), and welcome comments and questions.

I was blessed to marry Abigail (Abi), a very godly woman, on October 9th, 2010. We don’t have everything figured out when it comes to marriage, but it is a wonder that I can spend all of my time with my best friend. Every day is better than the last, which makes 50 years from now seem like an impossibility. We welcomed the arrival of our first child, Lukas, on November 27th, 2012. He has been an incredible source of joy to us since his birth, and he has been a blessing to others, as well. We are very excited, though understandably nervous, about raising a child; it’s an incredible responsibility, and one we don’t take lightly.

My job is working as a Medical Technologist for a local hospital. This involves running a variety of laboratory tests on blood, serum/plasma, urine, and stool specimens. The results I generate are used to help doctors assess a patient’s well-being and determine appropriate treatment options. Because I work in the evenings, I am also required to draw blood (a practice known as phlebotomy). I think I am rather proficient at this task, though there are nights when it seems I can’t hit the broad side of a barn, and I’m not sure if the patients are more frustrated or I am when this happens.

I am an author with co-author status on five published works, with one more coming soon. You can read more about that on my Books page as well as scattered throughout my blog posts. I have several story ideas in the works and am looking forward to seeing them come to life. I don’t write for the potential monetary gain, but I wouldn’t argue if I were able to make a living off of it. That’s almost certainly several years off at best, so I will satisfy myself with writing for the joy of writing.

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