Book Review: One Nation Without Law: The Rise of Lawlessness, The End Times and the Power of Hope

Title: One Nation Without Law: The Rise of Lawlessness, The End Times and The Power of Hope
Author: Phil Hotsenpiller
Publisher: Chosen Books (July 4, 2017)
Language: English
Formats: Paperback, Kindle
Pages: 226

We all have the capacity for evil as part of our human nature, and it seems the situation is only getting worse as the years go by. We could worry or panic, wringing our hands in abject fear, or we could understand that none of this is a surprise to God and place our face squarely in Him. Lawlessness, an intentional disregard for both God’s laws and man’s, is on the rise, which was foretold in Scripture. While we cannot set a date, the rise in lawlessness is an indicator that the return of Christ is drawing ever closer

This book is an excellent reminder that God had already told us of the lawlessness that will encompass (and, indeed, is encompassing) our world. As we hurtle toward the end, that lawlessness only increases, which is what we are seeing. Could we be living in the final generation? Only God knows the timing. But as Christians, we should not fear. At least two things are true: the rise of lawlessness confirms what has been written in Scripture, and the call to evangelize the world should be impressed even more strongly on our hearts.

I am not familiar with Hotsenpiller’s eschatology and did not pick up on a pre-trib, pre-wrath, or post-trib outlook on the rapture, although he acknowledges the rapture will occur. I don’t believe his particular view in this area is salient to the point of his book anyway; regardless of the timing, Christians have a mission to accomplish.

He gives examples of contemporary, miraculous healings, something that I struggle with theologically as I’ve often heard this associated with gifts of the Spirit that supposedly went away with the passing of the Apostles. This is not to deny that God has the ability to heal. Without getting Charismatic or Pentacostal, perhaps the church in America doesn’t see God moving because we don’t have the faith to trust God to move.

By and large, this was an engaging read and would recommend it to any who are concerned about the increased threat of persecution. Overall, I would rate it 4/5 stars.

I received a free copy of this book through Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my honest appraisal and was not required to provide positive feedback

Quote: “The ability to change, though, is not a result of personal guilt or self-condemnation; change comes only by experiencing God’s love, grace, and acceptance.”

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