Happy Friday!

It’s Friday. Eight hours of work and then the weekend, the sweet taste of pending freedom!

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long week for me. I had a cold or something when I got up Monday and was pretty miserable all day, enough that I stayed home Tuesday to completely recover. I’ve felt fine since, so I think it was worth the trade off.

Work has been steady this week, with several patients to tend to in my department. I’ve been struggling most of the week with whether or not this job is worth continuing. I think part of my frustration stems from a feeling of being trapped: we had to borrow from my retirement account to pay for a new furnace and A/C this spring, and we’re on a 5-year repayment plan to cover it; and our finances otherwise are such that I can’t afford a pay cut to go anywhere else. Stay tuned for my next podcast episode, the topic of which will be work.

Still, life is pretty good. This is a shot of my backyard as I was leaving this morning. It’s a lovely space, one that my entire family greatly enjoys. We have a decent garden in the back corner that this year will hopefully yield a significant number of tomatoes, and we have fruit trees planted for each of the children (apple for Lukas, cherry for Melody, and peach for Nathanael). We might get a few cherries this year, but that looks like it will be it. The weather this weekend is supposed to be amazing, and the plan is to get outside as much as possible while we have the chance.

God is faithful through it all. Without that, I’d probably go nuts. So praise Him all you people, and give glory to His name!

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