New Series: The Christian Author – Excellence in Writing

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Christian fiction”? One image that comes immediately to my mind is “Amish romance novels”. I think that’s kinda sad, considering that I co-authored a series of six Christian fiction books with my friend, Tim Chaffey.

Other thoughts that filter through my mind are “low-quality”, “cliché”, and “childish”. Sadly, the advent of self-publishing has not, in my experience, done much to change my mind. It seems that everyone wants to be a writer (hey, so do I!), but I have seen numerous books come through that were poorly planned, poorly edited, and downright poorly written.

I am working through a book right now that I hope to finish soon so I can properly review it, and without wanting to bash the author, it seems that this book was put to press before sufficient drafting and editing had taken place. I hate to say that, because I think the idea of the story itself is intriguing. I’m not trying to lift myself up as some master author with final authority on what is good or bad because I know I have plenty of room to grow in this area, too. But I think Christians ought to be holding themselves to the highest possible standards in all aspects of life, which, for authors, includes how you write.

In this series of posts, I want to delve into the aspects of writing, from conception to publication, as much as I can. Again, I am not the be-all-end-all on this matter, and others probably have much more practical experience, especially on the publishing end of things. But I want to look at these issues from the perspective of excellence rather than a how to plow through each step and be incredibly successful.

Please comment if you have questions or thoughts to add to the discussion, and share these posts with your author friends. We grow best in community!

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