To be a writer…

I’ve not been terribly active on any of my blogging sites for quite some time, and without looking at my list of posts, I’m confident that at least the last dozen on this blog have been book reviews. Not unimportant in my mind, but also not fully in keeping with what I intended this site to be. And for that I apologize.

I recently put up a post on my general blog about struggling with dissatisfaction ( My wife and I have had some discussions lately and have come up with a few reasons we as Christians might experience dissatisfaction. Sometimes it’s God nudging us to shift our focus because something different is in the works. Other times it’s a reminder to realign our priorities because we’re actually doing what we should be and have lost sight of that.

When it comes to writing, you have to write. I still want to be a writer, but I can’t say that I’ve put in the time to rightfully claim that title. And I’m working to fix that.

I’ve used a lot of excuses about being busy, but much of my busyness has been really wasted time. Deleting games from my phone is a step in regaining some of that time; you may not need to take that step yourself, but it is necessary for me.

I’m in the middle of building a dedicated office space in my basement. Is this absolutely necessary? In the strictest sense, no, I don’t think so. Will it be helpful to have a space dedicated to a few specific tasks? Ideally, yes. The space I’m building is intended to be a spot where I will write, study, and record my podcast (Bite-Sized Theology, found on iTunes or your favorite podcast catcher). By allowing my office to serve only certain functions, I hope to stay on task with those functions and be present with my family when I am not working.

This won’t be an overnight fix, but experiences at my job make me think that having structure, deadlines, and enough tasks to stay occupied will actually improve my time management and allow me to see a level of productivity that I have not witnessed in my writing life.

Stay tuned. I look forward to sharing my progress and my stories.

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