Where does the time go?

My son is one month old today. I almost can’t believe it’s been that long already. Look at that face! My heart melts every time I see this little guy.

It’s been an interesting and challenging month in many ways. Abi and I have certainly wanted to be parents for quite some time, and we’ve both had a variety of experiences with young children. Still, nothing can replace the joys and frustrations of having to devote round-the-clock care to your own child. Abi, of course, deserves a ton of credit because I’m not capable of feeding him, and since he’s in a pattern of typically wanting to eat every three hours, at least during the majority of the day (sometimes we can get him to sleep for a little longer overnight, but that’s rare), Abi is in high demand.

We were quite blessed to have my sister-in-law Lydia stay with us for most of the first two weeks of Lukas’ life, then my sister-in-law Susanna spent almost a full week with us last week. The two of them did the majority of our cooking, freeing Abi and me to care directly for Lukas, to sleep, and me to return to work without feeling overly concerned about Abi getting enough to eat herself.

Lukas has not been the quickest of eaters, which has been most of the frustration. He at least knows where to get his food, but has had trouble putting in the necessary effort to breastfeed alone. At the guidance of our midwife, we have been using an SNS system to enhance his milk intake. We are hopeful that another week or two will be all that is needed for him to get breastfeeding figured out to the point that he will do it completely on his own. That would be ideal, because it’s a lot of extra work to use the SNS, and it’s considerably less modest so it’s not something Abi is wishing to use in public (which will make going anywhere quite a bit more difficult than it could be).

However, he is a bundle of joy. He is becoming more alert with each passing day, and we are starting to see signs of smiles and other expressions. And we know we need to enjoy him as he is, because it won’t be long at all before he’s running all over the house and keeping us fully on our toes.

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